First look demos with Johnathan Kroncke

In a world where video games are but a reflection of each other, one looks to single itself out as the new standard. “Shadow of the Colossus” for the Playstation 2 is breathtaking in both its vast landscapes and its seemingly insurmountable tasks. A young hero loses the one thing he cherishes most in the world, his beloved.

‘Waiting’ brings the laughs

Welcome to Shenanigan’s where you can get hot food, friendly service and maybe a little spit in your burger. In his latest film “Waiting,” Ryan Reynolds brings his “Van Wilder” persona to the world of waiting tables in what may be the funniest movie of the year.

Freedom of the college student press could be at risk

Recent proposed changes to District Regulation 5120, which could potentially limit First Amendment freedoms for RCC students, have been under much scrutiny by freedom of the press advocates. The changes, which include a statement that limits free speech on campus, were originally intended to bar demonstrators from disrupting classrooms.

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