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By Monique Larkin

SIGNING UP (Chris Dietrich)

By Monique Larkin

Where is one place that you will see such colleges and or universities, as Humboldt, Cal Poly Pomona, Berkley, UCLA, or Cal Baptist University, all together?

Why, a transfer/career fair, of course!

“The early bird gets the word,” read the sign displayed on the Riverside Community College Admissions and Records table that was set up as one of the many that were at the annual RCC Transfer/College/Career Fair, Oct. 8.

The representatives from RCC and various universities were quite happy to participate.

The “word” is an associate degree that a student can receive at RCC.”Students are sometimes unaware that they can receive an associate degree while trying to transfer to a university in order to get a bachelor’s,” said Student Services Technician Jeanne Wallace. “That is why we are here.”

Jonathan Armstead, a RCC student, was pleased that RCC hosts a transfer fair because he feels that it gives students a chance to find out about the university campus that they may be interesting in transferring to.

“I like how these college fairs get students involved,” Armstead said.Representatives from the various universities offered pamphlets, financial aid guides, transfer information and plenty of guidance as to when to enroll and which classes to take at RCC in order to transfer.

There was a sigh of relief after Armstead had talked to one of the representatives from La Sierra University where he wishes to transfer so that he can ultimately teach physical education.

I think that RCC could have done a better job at making the students more aware of the counselors that are here to help,” Armstead said. “I know that I am not the only one who has taken classes that I did not need to take to transfer.”

Armstead said that he has enjoyed his time spent at RCC.

Students may visit the RCC Transfer Center in the Admissions building to find out when upcoming workshops will be offered in applying for financial aid, guidance in how to fill out college applications and how to write a scholarship application letter.

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