Men’s water polo struggles, falls to Fullerton

The men’s water polo team lost its second home game of the year, 6-5, on Sept. 28 against the Fullerton Titans. In the opening of the game, Fullerton struck first with a goal by Matt Morrison. His goal was followed by Fullerton’s Phil Kamper, as Fullerton took an early 2-0 lead.

Tie ends men’s seven-game losing streak

A soccer game ending in a tie could mean one of two things. That both teams fought so skillfully, that neither could capitalize with a goal; or that neither team had the ability to score. But then there’s always the much over looked thought: the brutal grind of a hard season.

Women continue to fall short

The women’s soccer team was unable to snap its two game losing streak falling to the defending 2004 national champions Cypress College, with a score of 4-1 in a conference match up on Sept. 30. It’s not too late to panic. Considering a two game losing streak, the women’s soccer team is still in good shape to make a come back in the Orange Empire Conference.

Students smoking in Lovekin an issue

The new Lovekin Field complex lacks accommodations for student smokers, which explains why there are so many cigarette butts littering the ground in the complex, and smokers are present throughout the day. Board policy for Riverside Community College prohibits smoking on campus outside of the designated smoking areas; the closest smoking area for the Lovekin Field is in front of Technology “A”, which is across the canal and parking lot “F”, above the big wall.

Need for volunteers vital, not uncommon

If you want to transfer to a university, you may want to look into volunteering. However, many RCC students who want to volunteer do not know how to find out about programs they would be interested in. “I would be interested in volunteering with kids doing art if it was easier to find a place that offered it,” said RCC student Ely Aldrete.

Focus on fashion: Accessorizing inexpensively

The key to completing a presentable outfit is more obvious than you might think. I hate to give out a good secret but for the sake of fashion I feel like it is my duty to spill the beans. There’s a wonderful chain store known for carrying everything a person needs– including food, home décor, electronics, hygienic products– but most importantly inexpensive accessories.

The return of rock: Part 2

As mainstream rock departed the larger-than-life “Grunge period,” many talented bands such as the Smashing Pumpkins saw the decline of their popularity. Rap-Metal took over MTV and radio airwaves. Some artists such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ben Harper, and Radiohead continued to make music, regardless of what was popular or played on mainstream radio.

There’s been a grave misunderstanding

Tim Burton is back again with yet another dark, animated tale of the dead and dying, so of course you must be thinking “love story!” You must also be thinking that if Burton is doing another film, Johnny Depp must not be far behind. Well you are right.

Gas is only the beginning

The lifeblood of the American economy and the American lifestyle is oil. Black gold, Texas tea, the stuff that has millions of uses from plastics to food additives, the stuff that we have gone to war over, the stuff without which we, the American people would be completely helpless.

Tigers lose to Golden West, 3-0

Having suffered a loss in its first Orange Empire Conference game to Golden West on Sept. 30, RCC’s volleyball team is looking to rebound with more determination than ever. Although the Tigers were swept by the Rustlers in three games, each one was a fight to the finish.

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