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By Monique Larkin

UNVEILING (Joshua Duran)

By Monique Larkin

The fall semester has set the tone of renovation for Riverside Community College, including the remodeling of the Martin Luther King Jr. Teaching and Learning facility formerly known to most RCC students as the Martin Luther King Jr. Library.

The re-opening of the facility took place on Aug. 31, as well as a rededication of the facility itself, which was given by the staff and faculty of RCC.

Renovation of the facility that now collectively holds the math, reading, writing, foreign language labs, and accompanies over 700 computers, took over 18 months in the making.

The facility is designed to give students another resource area to do outside classroom learning as well as the tools in order to do so.”We as a faculty are rededicated and committed to encourage outside classroom learning, and we all know that plenty of that time will be spent in a place like this,” said Grace Slocum, who is a member on the RCC Board of Trustees.

The newly elected RCC president, Daniel Castro, agreed with Slocum in that he acknowledged that Martin Luther King Jr., himself was a dreamer and that this teaching and learning facility will help students achieve each of their dreams here at RCC.

“This facility started as a library making it a support system for students, but now students get what they really need in order to complete their dreams…this is all for the students,” Castro said.

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