The ‘Fantasy’ continued

In 1998 what is arguably the greatest role-playing game was released onto the Sony Playstation. That game was Final Fantasy VII. The game revolutionized the way we look at games; by bringing cinematic cut scenes to help flesh out the story, and to make the player feel attached to each of the various characters in the game.

High tech center dedicated

The fall semester has set the tone of renovation for Riverside Community College, including the remodeling of the Martin Luther King Jr. Teaching and Learning facility formerly known to most RCC students as the Martin Luther King Jr. Library. The re-opening of the facility took place on Aug. 31, as well as a rededication of the facility itself, which was given by the staff and faculty of RCC.

Student government shakeup

When classes started this semester there was a change in student government. Mike Gasca was given a social suspension which effectively negates his position as vice president of the Associated Students of Riverside Community College. Gasca said he was called into Dean of Student Services Monica Delgidillo-Flores’ office Sept.

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