Women remain undefeated with a 10-game winning streak

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By Jessica Staub


By Jessica Staub

With 10 straight wins this season, the women’s water polo team is doing exactly what they need to do to get to state.

The team finished last year with an overall standing of 28-5. Overall, they won 24 games in a row before falling to Golden West and then had their hopes crushed at state championships later by the same team.This year, the team is off to the same great start and is on track to redeem itself at this year’s championship.

Still feeling the heat of last years upset, 11 of the teams 16 players are returning sophomores.

In the first game, sophomore Katie Inglett scored four goals, a team-high for Riverside.

The team has scored 97 points and averaged over 9 points a game. Their opponents, on the other hand average a little over 4 points a game versus Riverside.

Rising above the two-time league champions, Long Beach, RCC is ranked no.1 in the state.

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