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By Miranda White

MAKING A SALE (Chris Ullyott)

By Miranda White

“You will save money through us, look at all these options, just sign this three-year contract and you’re good to go.” 

How many times have you heard these statements on campus while passing the tents and booths selling gym subscriptions near the Admissions Office? With solicitors at nearly every store front in the area, it might seem unnecessary to be hounded at a place of learning.

You may have tried to avoid them and pretend to be on your cell phone, or you may have gone up to them and asked a question or two about their service. Then there is the drudgery of being pulled in along with other helpless victims.

But are you really victims?

Some students know exactly what they are looking for.

“They were giving me what I asked of them,” said student Danielle Pierce.

Students ask questions about the gym nearest to their home, the prices and what the program includes.

Some students may jump right in thinking the deal is an unbelievable offer, it couldn’t possibly be better than anywhere else. Then others may just decide they cannot afford it, or would prefer to shop around in case there is a better deal. If you are into contracts, the Ballys Total Fitness booth offers them. If you are into paying by the month, the LA Fitness booth offers that. “We’re not trying to scam anybody, our offers are fantastic and students save a lot of money,” said Eddie Quam of LA Fitness. Students who do want to look into these offers, can use student William Shammas’ method of dealing with them if they’re not interested.

“I take a closer look if it looks interesting, and if it doesn’t entice me I just move on,” he said. 

 Pierce was questioned as to whether or not they continued to try to convince her to buy after she spoke with them and declined to purchase. “They tried to convince me to have my boyfriend drop off money because I had none today,” she said. 

As much as this might sound like a routine manuever to get sales from uninterested students, Jodi Martinez would beg to differ.

“We’re not salesman, we’re fitness counselors,” said Martinez of LA Fitness. 

Of course the main definition of solicitation from websters dictionary is “to disturb; to approach with request or plea; to lure strongly”.

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