Day: September 23, 2005

The return of rock: part 1

“Nostalgia” is a word that can be negatively connoted, but under certain circumstances it can be quite beneficial to something such as a movement in music. What is the signature sound for this generation? We don’t know. Whatever it is, it’s lost in the static of gangster rap and death metal.

Only one of them can be ‘The MAN’

Eugene Levy is the man. Period. Levy (“American Pie”, “Best in Show”) joins veteran actor Samuel L. Jackson (“Pulp Fiction”, “Coach Carter”) in his latest comedic venture, “The Man.” Andy Fidler, Levy, is your average middle-American man. He has a nice house, a nice wife, three nice kids and a prestigious job in the exciting field of dental supply sales.

Viewpoints on Sex: Porn for the masses

So my roommate forced me into getting DirecTV when we moved in to this apartment together. You would think it was because DirecTV has a premium sports package you can’t get with other Satellite companies, but no – he just said it was easier to use. The promotion at the time was the Premium choice package (all the movie channels included) for $45.

Ragtime in Riverside

“Ragtime!” could be heard echoing through the Landis Performing Arts Center, as the performers had the audience scream it at the beginning of “Ragtime: The Musical’s” opening night, here on the Riverside Campus. The show started off with a bang, as the cast met up on stage to sing the show’s opening number “Ragtime!” Nicole Pryer, in the role of Sarah, a young woman trying to find herself in a society with all the odds against her, did a fantastic job.

Editorial “What are we expected to do to survive during the hours and days following a major emergency?”

In August 29, the Gulf Coast experienced the landfall of hurricane Katrina, a category 4 storm that devastated the coastal areas of Louisiana and Mississippi. As if the storm wasn’t bad enough, the aftermath and the inadequate response of government assistance left many people stranded for days without medical assistance, food, or clean water; it was this poor response on the local and national levels that increased the death toll of the storm.