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Fall has arrived once again, and along with this new academic year are many changes to the campus of Riverside Community College. We are in the middle of an overhaul project for the A.G. Paul Quadrangle with new parking nightmares to contend with. An influx of new faculty has just been hired to accommodate the growing number of students expected this year at RCC. And biggest of all a new campus president has been elected.

President Daniel Castro arguably has some expensive shoes to fill, but will he be the student oriented leader he promises to be?

It’s time that RCC is led by someone who keeps the goals and issues of students in mind over faculty or administration. With students as a top priority, there might be hope for students to become more involved on campus and begin to use their voices to effect change.

It is always important for students using RCC as their stepping stone to bigger and better life goals to be remembered in the shuffle. Aside from simple academics, which Castro promises to see to, there is an underbelly of campus life that is generally neglected by both administration and students.

Student government and the social clubs on campus are an integral part of the education process. Becoming involved only leads to stimulate our minds further. It is essential to become involved in life outside of the home or the classroom in order to become a well rounded, contributing member of society.

The new goal of RCC should be that all students, faculty and administration     work together to create a well balanced learning environment, to create an involved campus life, a place where students and instructors can work together without fear.

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