This garden is poison

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By Monique Larkin


By Monique Larkin

Conspicuously hidden is the Riverside Community College poison garden.It lies behind the Assessment Center and the old Martin Luther King Library and the Physical Science building surround it.

In order to protect children who stick anything and everything into their mouths, the RCC nursing program’s Gloria Leifer, decided to make a garden of commonly found plants that are poisonous so that moms and dads could be more aware of when plants their children shouldn’t be playing with.

However, a poison garden was a project that was started by the Kaiser Permanente Foundation. It was treating numerous children who would eat ordinary poisonous plants.

“There are a lot of mommies and daddies who would like to protect their kids,” Associate Professor of Science Terry Shaw said as he was eyeing one of the most common poisonous plants, the white oleander.

“Many of these plants are mistaken to be weeds and that is what makes them so dangerous,” Shaw said.

Most of the plants featured in the garden are not lethal to most RCC students, but it can be to a child.

There are numerous plants that are poisonous that are so common its ridiculous. For instance, indicated on a withered sign is the plant, Birds of Paradise.

Wait until fall to see the full spectrum of plants that can overpower a heart and can invent serious damage to some lungs.

So for the most part, having a poison garden for RCC enables those parents who do not wish to vacate to the emergency room.

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