This garden is poison

Conspicuously hidden is the Riverside Community College poison garden. It lies behind the Assessment Center and the old Martin Luther King Library and the Physical Science building surround it. In order to protect children who stick anything and everything into their mouths, the RCC nursing program’s Gloria Leifer, decided to make a garden of commonly found plants that are poisonous so that moms and dads could be more aware of when plants their children shouldn’t be playing with.

Viewpoints on Sex: The world of digital dating

I have been on something of a dating sabbatical for a few years now, but with the recent end of a long-term relationship, I’m finding there are so many different ways to meet someone these days. I used to think that if I didn’t meet someone through school or work I would be out of options – but that’s just not the case anymore.

NFL Preview

What is the first image that pops into your head when I say the words: men in tights, pig skin and The Rolling Stones? If you said NFL Kickoff 2005 you are correct! Sept 8 is the date for the kickoff heard ’round the football community. The big day kicks off with footage from The Rolling Stones’ concert in Detroit.

Cross Country

Last year RCC’s men’s cross country came in third and is eager to do better this year. Coach Scott Parks said, “Orange Coast is defending state champ, and the team that everyone is looking to beat.” Parks is looking forward to this season. “We have a lot of good freshman this year,” Parks said.

Water Polo

Hoping to get another shot at state finals, the water polo teams are in high gear preparing for the season. Coach David Almquist has his players practicing in the preseason. “We have six new girls who do a good job of getting along,” Almquist said. “Our players have a lot of experience this year.


Volleyball is looking at a promising season led by coach Suzie Witmer. “We have 3 returning and the rest are freshman,” Witmer said. “All of the freshmen have sound fundamentals and come from good high schools.” The team is very talented, and as a bonus, they get along great.

Classes down the hill this fall

For the next 18 months the English, Speech Communication, Humanities Departments and Photo program will call the portables on Lovekin Field home. Over summer break instructors in some disciplines were required to pack up their offices and move down to the portables.

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