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By Timothy Guy

By Timothy Guy

Thankfully the internet and technology has made one headache that all Riverside Community College students have to endure, buying books from the campus bookstore, lessen a bit.

No, the internet and this technology won’t buy the books for you… maybe in a few more years if we’re lucky.

Say hello to What is this Web site you might ask? Well this site eliminates the hassle of trying seeing the price of textbooks elsewhere and to write down and remember numbers and prices on textbooks.

Here’s how it works, just remember to bring your cell phone with you (since everyone has one in the world), you call the toll-free number for the service and enter the ISBN number located above the bar code on the back of the book. After a few seconds (an average of five seconds on my three attempts) the system will tell you what the book is, the average customer rating on, the retail price for the book, the prices for a new and used version on Amazon. It even gives you an option to find other books with the same topic.

Seconds later the results of your phone inquiry are made available on the Amabuddy Web site by just entering you phone number into the Web site. A thumbnail size photo and information on the book(s) are organized and ready for you to look at. Clicking the link provided will take you directly to and the page for that specific book.

So next time you are dreading standing in multiple lines at the bookstore or dealing with the hassle of checking alternative prices try this service out. Not only is it a time saver, but maybe you can save some money as well.

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