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By Ana Rocha


By Ana Rocha

Who ever said that with the season having ended all athletes got a full and complete vacation?

Kim Avila demonstrates the contrary; the season is officially and completely over, but work still needs to get done. This young 19- year-old forms a part of the Riverside Community College track and field team. She just recently got back from the State Championship meet. Avila was the only one on the women’s team to make it to state. Once there she placed third for the discus. This gave her a bronze medal to proudly bring home.

“I’m really happy with what I did,” said Avila.

She also participated in the shot put in which she placed ninth. It is a very big accomplishment to be a part of the state championship, especially for Avila. This is her first semester at RCC and she did not only win her pass to state championships, but received a bronze medal for her outstanding performance.

At this point in her life Avila is happy with what she has done. “I’m really excited, especially because I took a year off school and training to come back and just come out as strong as I did, so I’m really happy with the way things went, I couldn’t ask for anything better,” Avila said.

She receives a lot of support from her parents, even if they are unable to attend every meet because of obligations. Avila is the youngest of three sisters and two brothers. Not only these, but she is also the only female in her family who is an athlete.

“My family is very supportive and make it when they can ,” Avila said.Beside Avila’s goal to improve her performances next season she also would like to receive a full scholarship to a good university and go to Division I. She understands the difficulty of making it to Division I, but with the good self-confidence she has and with much practice, there is a possibility of meeting her goal.

“It’s a big stretch, but I’m pretty sure I could do that,” Avila said.Coach Ken Bantum is Avila’s trainer; therefore, she knows she can achieve her goal. Bantum was once a college athlete himself and won many championships. Bantum encourages Avila to do the best she can. “Honestly, Bantum is the best coach I’ve ever had. He knows what he’s talking about, he has been there,” Avila said.

“He is always pushing me to the next step and he is constantly letting me know that I can do it,” Avila said.

Avila plans to train all summer long and prepare for next season. She also is going to play basketball. Even though she has very good throws, being the athlete she is, Avila is always looking for more. She wants to work on her ability to throw , especially on her distances. She has a few goals for next season, which she is looking forward to accomplishing.”Definitely breaking both records for discus and shot,'” Avila said.”Hopefully making state for javelin and hammer and just getting that scholarship I’m looking for,” Avila said.

After this summer break Avila wants to come back next season and do her best. She is looking forward to her preparation and finally her return to track and field.

“Ready to show out,” Avila said.

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