Abdul denies Clark’s claims

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By Bene Sims

By Bene Sims

Drama surfaced from the “American Idol” realm of controversy when a former contestant let the cat out of the bag. In a tell all interview on ABC’s Primetime Live “Fallen Idol Special,” Corey Clark went on air telling the intimate details of his alleged juicy relationship with “American Idol” judge Paula Abdul.

Clark gave invigorating details about how after flirting with Abdul at the judge’s table one day, she left infatuated with him. He stated that someone with her phone number approached him and then went on to explain how a car was sent to get him and brought him to her house which led up to Abdul kissing him on the back of his neck, thus setting off their controversial intimate affair.

He also claimed the Paula coached his singing and song selections, bought him clothes, and he even says that she bought him a personal cell so they could be in immediate contact with each other.

Clark even went on Power 106’s morning radio show with Big Boy giving the details of the intimate part of their relationship. When asked about why he would talk so openly about someone he claimed to care about he said, “I have nothing bad to say about Paula. In fact she’s a wonderful woman with a great body; I just want the truth revealed.”

Fellow listeners called in and criticized Clark for his lack of maturity.

Most of the radio listeners passionately said that if the allegations were true then it was something he should have kept to himself. Even some celebrities who dared to comment on the subject, such as Steve Harvey, added that Clark is an immature boy who is craving attention.

Abdul denies all of the allegations and went on record saying that Clark is an admitted liar and an opportunist who engages in unlawful activities. Yeah that’s telling him, Abdul! If this relationship was factual then it should have been kept between the two. If anything, Clark hurt his career instead of helping it. Not everyone benefits from bad publicity. There are a lot of little boys out there begging for attention.

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