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By Laura Hernandez


By Laura Hernandez

The Writing and Reading Center at Riverside Community College offers a lot of benefits to students. For students enrolled in English class, there are many services available.

“The WRC offers some great services, including tutoring, computer and printing services, and teacher aid,” Writing Center receptionist Jennifer Rydzik said.

There are many computers at the Writing Center. Students can use these computers at any time to work on English assignments. While working on English assignments there is no time limit on computer usage like in the library. Also, all computers in the Writing and Reading Center are set up for word processing.

Lab aides in the Writing and Reading Center help students with many common computer related dilemmas. Students seek help from the lab aides for all of their computer problems, from document formatting and printing to software failure.

“Some students don’t know much about computers, and I can help them,” said lab aide Lloyd Feng.Students can also receive tutoring at the Writing Center, which is offered for free.

“There are many tutors available for both scheduled and walk-in appointments. The appointments are generally a half hour long and students are allowed to have two appointments every week,” tutor Trisha Wilging said.

The services offered at the writing and reading center are intended to help all students who choose to take advantage of them. However many students are not aware of the benefits offered to them at the Writing Reading Center.

“As a student, I didn’t recognize how beneficial the assistance in the Writing Reading Center was, but as a tutor I really appreciate it,” Wilging said.

Many students choose to go to library to use the computers rather than the Writing Reading Center. The benefits in the library, however, are not as helpful to a student working on an English assignment.

“The writing center is a good, quiet environment to focus on reading and writing,” Wilging said “It is also a place where help is always available.”

The Library offers student free Internet access for those who want to browse the Internet on their downtime. It is a useful benefit, but it is not always the best atmosphere to work on English assignments. The Writing Center is geared specifically toward helping students improve their English skills and grades.

“It’s great to sees students taking advantage of these benefits and really improving their skills along with their grades,” Wilging said.

A benefit that students may not be aware of is the designated reading area. In this section of the Writingand Reading Center reading paraprofessionals work one on one with students to strengthen their reading abilities and prepare them for more advanced English classes.

Special services like this are offered to students only in the Writing and Reading Center.

“After being hired as an employee here, I can really see how beneficial the instructor conferences, the tutoring sessions, and the workshops really are,” Wilging said.

Students are encouraged to visit the Writing andReading Center relish the services and benefits available to them.

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