Building a promising season

Even though the season doesn’t officially start until September, Riverside Community College women’s volleyball is already busy building a strong team for the 2005 season. “I have high expectations for the team,” said coach Suzie Hauck. Hauck, who was named conference coach of the year for 2004, is looking forward to getting started. During the 2004 season, the women’s volleyball team finished in a disappointing fifth place. Everyone on the team is looking forward improving on that next season and being a strong competition in the Orange Empire Conference. With a lot of new talent and a number of very experienced sophomores returning this year, the 2005 volleyball season looks promising.

Super RCC Stars

Who ever said that with the season having ended all athletes got a full and complete vacation? Kim Avila demonstrates the contrary; the season is officially and completely over, but work still needs to get done. This young 19- year-old forms a part of the Riverside Community College track and field team. She just recently got back from the State Championship meet. Avila was the only one on the women’s team to make it to state. Once there she placed third for the discus. This gave her a bronze medal to proudly bring home. “I’m really happy with what I did,” said Avila. After this summer break Avila wants to come back next season and do her best. She is looking forward to her preparation and finally her return to track and field.

Disappointing season ends

The Riverside Community College baseball team’s season has come to an end, but it didn’t finish without a fight. The Tigers faced their last two conference games against Saddleback. RCC first faced Saddleback on May 3, in an Orange Empire Conference game at the Evans Sport Complex.

Robot babies and a little HOAP for the future

R2-D2 and C-3PO would be proud. A little Fujitsu robot at the Jet Propulsion Labs in Pasadena is learning, just like a human infant, to survive in a hostile world, and like any attentive father, Dr. Adrian Stoica hopes that his little HOAP-2 robot, or more specifically, all humanoid, or human-shaped robots, will eventually be utilized for much more than just an extremely expensive toy. Last Tuesday, Stoica was at RCC to give a talk on the future possibilities of robotics and the increased importance of the human-shaped robot in the future.

The ultimate power of the average voter

For Americans, the possibility of being ruled by an oppressive dictator is so foreign that we no longer understand the importance of our role in a democracy, which is our ability to control our government with our vote. This right to vote makes us, as American citizens, some of the most powerful beings on earth.

Orange Blossom Festival tunes were not appealing

Here’s a good one for you: How do you make an orange blossom rock? Well don’t ask the Orange Blossom Festival Association, because they don’t have a clue. The music selection at the 11th annual Orange Blossom Festival was definitely under par when compared to the quality available at past festivals.

Orange Blossom Festival

Different aspects of the creative mind melted together like the flavors at the bottom of a snow cone at the Orange Blossom Festival’s Arts and Culture Grove. May 21-22 marked the date for the annual downtown celebration of Riverside’s historic crop and this year an entire section of downtown was dedicated to sew together as much of the arts as possible.

The conservative versus liberal battle rages on

In my two years as a student at RCC, I have enough experience to make the assertion that conservatives are the minority at this college. This premise is based upon personal experience and enables me, and perhaps some readers, to make this claim (who may I remind, are reading the Opinions section).

ASRCC election finally ends

After a three weeklong debate, the Student Senate elections have finally come to an end. The election held April 26, 27 and 28 on the Riverside Campus for President, Vice President and the Senate will stand. The two grievances filed protesting the campaign procedures were withdrawn after the defeated presidential candidate Aunnie Ganier told the Student Supreme Court on May 11 that she did not want a re-election.

Chargers, Raiders Preview

We are only months away from another exciting season of 1,000 yard running backs, devastating blind sides and overtime victories. In short I’m referring to the 2005-2006 NFL season. The city of San Diego has a lot to offer. Beautiful scenery, surf, sand, weather, and as of last season a contender in the Chargers.

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