Month: April 2005

She’s one in a million

Things can get pretty busy in the Riverside Community College Photography program. There is always something to be done here and Francis Williams is at the center of it all. Williams is continually praised by her students for her ability to help them with all tasks whether it be helping them to understand assignments, developing and processing film, getting equipment, or just answering questions.

The secrets overlooking RCC

Everest. Kilimanjaro. Whitney. These are some of the greatest mountains of the world. Everest has its noble history of climb attempts, Kilimanjaro with its majesty as it overlooks the African continent and Whitney has its notable title of highest peak in America’s “lower 48” states, and its close proximity to us in Riverside.

Mediocre return of ‘The Ring’

Everyone can rest assured: no one will die seven days after seeing “The Ring Two,” the sequel to the hit 2002 horror film starring Naomi Watts. This is not to say that “Two” is a great horror film, because it is not. Although it does have a few suspenseful and intriguing moments, “Two” is pale in comparison to the first “Ring.

You can find anything in a city of sin

Comic books seem to be a hot property in Hollywood these days; “Spider-Man,” “Batman,” the “X-Men,” “Men in Black” and more have all been adapted for the big screen for big, blockbuster results. And now, acclaimed comic book writer and artist Frank Miller’s pride and joy, the dark and gritty “Sin City,” joins their ranks.

‘Hostage’ not an ordinary action flick

Complete with merciless killing, sub-plots, and one very expensive security system, “Hostage” is no ordinary action flick. Bruce Willis completely commands the screen in his latest thriller as Jeff Talley, an emotionally disturbed former police negotiator. Unlike most characters in action movies who are mostly one dimensional, Talley is a broken man who wishes for nothing more than to lead a quiet life.

Inside Riverside’s local scene

Bicycle races rock! Well, at least the Redlands Bicycle Classic definitely rocked hard with the help of some truly great bands at the Finish Line Party. The Redlands Bicycle Classic was from March 31 to April 3, but the party kicked off on April 2 when 10 bands invaded the parking lot of The Boiler Room in Redlands.

Viewpoints on Sex

It’s everyone’s favorite discussion topic. Although many people probably would not be willing to admit it. That’s right, we know what you are thinking, we are talking about that one word that gets teenagers excited, elderly people embarrassed and mothers cover their children’s ears whenever they hear about it on the radio or television.