Viewpoints on Sex

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By Laura Hernandez

By Laura Hernandez

It’s everyone’s favorite discussion topic.

Although many people probably would not be willing to admit it.That’s right, we know what you are thinking, we are talking about that one word that gets teenagers excited, elderly people embarrassed and mothers cover their children’s ears whenever they hear about it on the radio or television.


Throughout the course of time, sex has been the quite debatable topic. People have tried convincing themselves that the topic, as well as the act, is taboo.

This means that some people agree that sex is not for open discussion among mixed company.

Many strict religious beliefs can ingrain the idea that sex outside of marriage is a bad thing because it warrants negative consequences.Other relegions may argue that the act itself is not bad; in fact, sex is a beautiful thing that God has created between a man and his wife, but only in this occurrence is it encouraged.

On the other hand religion may not be the only thing that keeps sex as a negative topic because not everyone is religious.

The fear of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases encourage many parents to advocate abstinence to their teenagers.

Even though abstinence is advocated, which maybe the best way to stay safe from pregnancy and disease alike, the curiosity about sex is still out there.

So can society consider people wanting to have sex and more willing to be open in discussing the topic in public nowadays, a downward spiral for society?

As human beings, we are all highly social creatures who crave connection and closeness with other human beings. And this, ladies and gentlemen is where the intimacy that sexual activity provides comes into play.

However, if you happen to be in a committed relationship, you better bet your bottom dollar that sex will be a discussion topic.

Many people today believe that the act of sexual intercourse should be reserved for married couples.

Back in the day it was culture for a woman to remain chaste until her wedding night.

Times have changed and while keeping this in mind, history will show that dating was not an option for these young teenage women, marriage was an arrangement that the parents made.

So history comes to show that young people back then did very little waiting for sex.

But there are those who do wait for marriage and the question of when an individual is ready will vary from person to person.

Besides, it feels good and it brings two people in a loving relationship closer–and this cannot be a bad thing.

So its alright, talk about sex.

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