Track and field men trying to break records

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By Ana Rocha

By Ana Rocha

Women’s track and field college records have been broken this year, but the other half of the track team has not, the men. Men’s coach Scott Parks explained that college records will be broken.

“We’re still a little early, and so we don’t have any YET that have been broken,” Parks said.

“It is a tough record board to crack because they have had great performances over the years,” Parks said.

“We’re going to break the 4×200 record, I’m confident of that,” Parks said.

Breaking college records is a great accomplishment for individuals, but as a team there are other titles to be conquered. So far this season, the team has conquered an important title.

“We’ve completed our dual meet season and won the conference dual meet title,” Parks said.

The men’s track and field team also won the conference title in 2002, Orange Coast in 2003 and Saddleback in 2004.

“So far we’ve done great,” Parks said.

But even though the team is doing an excellent job and the conference dual meet title has been won by RCC, they do not plan on taking a rest, not here, not yet. There is still a long road ahead of the team. Many more weeks of hard practice and meets.

The conference championship will be disputed on April 22 and 23 at Saddleback.

“We’ve got an excellent shot to win the conference meet, which would give us the outright championship,” Parks said.

The title that many teams want to win is not an easy one to gain, the state championship. To get to the state competition there are three weeks of intense concentration for the team.

“Each week is do or die, you qualify or your out,” Parks said.

There are many teams competing, but in the end it’s all about the individuals.

“The individual performances add up to a team score, to determine state championship,” Parks said.

The women’s team continues to perform well.

“We have a handful of girls that can go on,” women’s coach Mike Barbee said.

The girls are keeping up their good season and can go on further in the competition.

“I’m optimistic that we can be top three at the conference this year,” Barbee said.

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