The big battle in the classroom

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By Sarah Haney

By Sarah Haney

Students are subjected to instructors’ ranting of their own political beliefs.

At Riverside Community College, many instructors are guilty of using class time for pushing their political bias instead of the instructor’s subject matter. Although politics play a big role in society, they should not have such a strong grip in the classroom.

The instructor’s role is to educate and encourage students; however, students are outcasts if they disagree with their instructors. It is no secret that the majority of the public school system is liberal, so does that mean conservatives have no place in the system?

If the answer is no (which it is) then why are conservatives constantly being bullied in the classroom?

Bully tactics by these liberal instructors demean the right of public education.

Liberal instructors who refuse to drop their political business outside the classroom force their biases upon their students who just wanted a passing grade in their, lets say, political science or English class. In these cases some students are in fear of being exposed of their conservatism. Lack of participation is usually the result unless the student decides to speak up. In this case the instructor either ridicules the student, gives the student a poor grade or disregards the student’s comments (usually the first two are true).

Do any of these cases provide quality education for all students?


The lesson here was the majority of students and instructors are liberal and any one standing against the current will either be taken down or left standing alone. It can not be stressed more that politics are dangerous in the classroom.

Today in our public school systems, the mention of God is prohibited in fear of offending any person.

Yet, it is acceptable to call conservative thinking uneducated and uncivilized. As it is wrong for students to judge instructors based upon their political affiliation, it is wrong for instructors to do the same with their students.

When instructors misuse their authority, the damage is more costly.Instructors have the power to pass and fail students, to belittle them in the classrooms, to drop them from the class and to stifle any response to their diatribe.

It is impractical and unethical for instructors to force their political biases down students’ throats for one hour or longer and at the same time insist they keep quiet.

As if students are mindless, these instructors will continue their crusade to trash conservative thinking.

Certain instructors feel compelled to force their ideologies on students rather than teach the material the students paid for.

The endless tirade against people who think differently from them is actually seen by conservatives as comical until the conservative receives a “D” on a paper that deserved much better. These liberal instructors espouse free choice until it means allowing the student to express a differing viewpoint. Free choice then goes out the window.

There is a demand for tolerance. Whether a instructor or student is liberal or conservative should not matter in school.

Conservative students should not have to keep quiet in the corner of the classroom or continuously drop classes in fear of the imposing liberalism from the instructors.

Imposing their politics on students is only a reflection of the instructors’ prejudice.

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