RCC Drum line snares gold

For the second time in four years Riverside Community College’s Winter Guard Drum line left Winter Guard International championship with a gold medal in its pocket. On April 14, RCC Drum line entered Dayton, Ohio beside 165 other drum lines throughout the world.

Riverside Campus construction update

The time is coming when the students, faculty and community around Riverside Community College will be able to reap the benefits of their patient waiting. Robert Gurrola, the director of Facilities, Planning and Projects promised Wheelock Stadium will be ready for graduation this June.

Senate showdown

After less than 1 percent of Riverside Community College students voted for a student trustee, they gathered again to prepare for the Student Senate elections … or did they? On April 21the Associated Students of RCC hosted the Student Senate Forum where candidates answered questions and presented their platforms.

Student Election Update

Here we go again… another year, another student election and another controversy. On April 29 the results of the student elections were posted on a bulletin board next to the bookstore, but not made official because of a grievance filed in regards to the student president portion of the election.

Math made easier, lab open for RCC business

In the bottom of the Riverside Community College Digital Library is a pleasantly lit room with a math lab in it. There are 36 computers fairly spaced, four each on nine tables, with their own comfortable office chair. This is where students who are enrolled in math courses come to complete their lab hours.

Psychology professor makes subject worthwhile

For many students, psychology is a required course-perhaps not their subject of choice. To those interested in psychology, she presents a level of expertise that a more inquiring student can enjoy; her degree, received from Loma Linda University, is in experimental psychology, and she is active in her field, attending research conferences in countries like Spain, France and Germany.

Center helps disabled

Ramps, scribes, interpreters and elevators. These are some of the accommodations made for disabled students at Riverside Community College. Some might think this is all that is available, but fortunately it is not. “There is a TTY, a tele-device system for the deaf, on campus,” said Kjersti Berry, the front desk worker of the Disabled Student office.

Stop rushing… breathe… take a break downtown

If you were to look around downtown Riverside, you would probably notice that people are usually in a rush. Some may be in a rush to work in the Riverside County Courthouse, a dinner date at the Mission Inn, or to return books at the downtown Riverside library.

Students have options against discrimination

It just boils down to a matter of respect. After paying $26 a unit for the enrollment fee, $40 for a parking permit and a great deal more for textbooks, Riverside Community College students should have more than earned the right to be treated right; in proper student and instructor relationships.

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