Club rush activities welcome students

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By Ana Lapite


By Ana Lapite

Music, laughter, students and sunshine filled the A.G. Paul Quadrangle March 15-17. It was once again time for Riverside Community College’s spring club rush week.Antonio Olivo, the former winner of the Most Outstanding Witness award, which he received from the Law Society spoke passionately about his club.”Anyone who is interested in law, this is the place,” Olivo said.The Law Society has workshops dealing with leadership abilities. The students who are involved in this club, and also the Business Leaders of Tomorrow, travel to University of Southern California and University of California, Los Angeles to compete in mock trial competitions.Where tables were set up, students like Mel Fleming handed out information about the various clubs on campus.Fleming represented the RCC Bohemians Club, which is a political group for students with moderate or progressive political views. There are also religious clubs on campus, such as the Muslim Student Association, Christian Club, Newman Catholic Fellowship Club and the Universalistic Unitarian Youth Action Club. Lydia Theon Ware, a member of the Unitarian Youth Action Club said, “This is a club that discusses the spiritual journey we are going through. We learn how to communicate about acceptance, love and all the things you have to do religiously.”The Peer Health Educators were in the Quad during club rush week and promoted their services to the students. Nurses, psychologists and doctors are available to RCC students in the RCC Health and Wellness Center.”Our job is to bring health issues to students,” said Peer Health educator Rebecca Martin. The Black Student Cooperative educates its students and encourages them to get involved in the community. It discusses tolerance and understanding and seeks the unification of students from different ethnic backgrounds.The Queer Alliance club also promotes awareness and tolerance among students regardless of their sexual orientation. “It’s about acceptance,” said student Veronica Lopez, “we become friends.” The clubs ranged from artistic clubs, such as the RCC Graphix Club and Art club, to the Alpha Gamma Sigma and the Karate club. All of the which are open to new members and plan on having exciting activities for their members such as out-of-town trips and workshops.

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