Hip-hop from out of the closet

The revolution won’t be televised. Or at least this revolution is obscured from the eyes of the public. Hip-hop has always been rebellious, revealing the grim reality of oppressed Americans. It has shown the exact opposite of the American dream, the American nightmare.

Tigers break RCC records

The Riverside Community College track team is doing great this season and it can be seen in the results. Both the men and women are performing well . Women have been setting school records. Both men and women are in the Top 10 in conference performance under different events.

RCC women’s tennis

Halfway through its season, the women’s tennis team is off to a good start. With an overall record of 7-2, the team is confident as it heads into the final stretch of conference play. “We’re doing well with only two losses,” said coach Nikki Bonzoumet.

Center for health at RCC

$10! For what? Many students at Riverside Community College have probably had this reaction to the $10 health services fee added on to their tuition fees. It is for many things concerning the common health needs of students while we’re living and going to school.

Worldwide protest of war hits home

A weathered man in a tattered black coat pushed a shopping cart listlessly through a boisterous crowd, which chimed together “No blood for oil, U.S. off Iraqi soil.” The wet cement sidewalk in front of University Village on March 18 was full of Riverside area residents using cardboard posters to shield their faces from the rain.

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