Students uncover alternate transit

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By Jane Farrell

By Jane Farrell

It is often said that knowing is half the battle, but looking around at the traffic here at RCC, finding a way to get on campus may be the battle itself.

Will Luis, like many students who drive to RCC, owns a 2002 Toyota Celica and over the course of the last two years has had custom work done on his car.

“I’ve changed the paint job, the sound system, the rims, the suspension; I got a body kit, installed three TVs, and got Lambo hinges for my doors,” Luis said. “The doors are the originals, I just changed the hinges so that they would open up; it’s mostly for show but its pretty cool.”

For the students who don’t have money just lying around, another way to get to school would be to ride a bike, skateboard, or to take the bus like Jesus Rodriguez.

“I can’t afford a car and it only cost four or five dollars a week to take the bus,” Rodriguez said. “Some bus drivers will let you on for the student price, but it really depends on the driver.”

Rodriguez who lives a little over three miles away from campus, said that walking to school has proved impossible.

“I used to carpool, but it didn’t work out this semester,” Rodriguez said. “The bus takes me where I want to go. Sometimes when I get there I have to walk, like two blocks, but walking the whole way would be too much.”

Rodriguez has been riding the bus for about a month now and has some complaints, but very close to none.

“The bus makes many stops and sometimes it makes me late,” Rodriguez said. “I don’t have to worry about trying to park my car, and I can just get out of the bus and go to class, and not be late.”

However, unlike those students who drive, Rodriguez does not have to worry about the never ending problematic parking situation surrounding the RCC Riverside campus and this is good enough for him to use alternate transportation.

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