Day: March 17, 2005

‘Lost’ prevails over reality TV

Fourteen beautiful people have been stranded on a tropical island. No, this isn’t any reality show. It is actually the premise for “Lost,” a new primetime drama that has taken Wednesday night viewers for a ride ever since it premiered on Sept. 9. This is not just a re-worked “Gilligan’s Island” These 14 are part of a group of 48 survivors from a plane crash.

‘Cursed’ is not Craven’s, Williamson’s best film

“Cursed”….Yes, this movie is. After watching the Academy Awards and seeing the best of the best in Hollywood, thinking of this movie is an affront to everything that is beautiful about the film industry. Wes Craven’s latest bomb stars Christina Ricci as the predictably doubting older sister, Ellie, who, along with her nerdy younger brother Jimmy, is attacked by an unknown creature one night during their drive home.

Pay less ‘dough’ for your dough

Few foods have earned their way into the hearts and consequently stomachs of college students like pizza has. After proving itself a dependable and affordable culinary solution for years, the Italian import has saved many the student from being sentenced to yet another night of ramen noodles and peanut butter and jelly.

Men’s tennis to slow start

The Riverside Community College men’s tennis team is off to a rough start, but is expected to do well this season. “I see us between second and fourth in conference depending on how matches fall,” Coach Tony Chatfield said. In its home match on Feb. 24 against Irvine Valley, RCC lost its third consecutive and second straight match in conference play.

Imaginary world revisited

Comic books have proven to be one of the most influential forms of art. They have helped Hollywood create blockbuster films and bring science fiction stories to the masses. But what are the results when Hollywood takes on comics? Moebius, the internationally acclaimed illustrator and film designer for “Alien,” “Blade Runner” and “The Fifth Element,” influenced a generation when he joined forces with writer Alexandro Jodorowsky for “The Incal: The Epic Conspiracy.

‘Million Dollar’ takes the gold

It is another year and another Oscar snub for Marty. Martin Scorsese, the acclaimed director of “The Aviator,” went home empty-handed for the fifth time, losing 2004’s Best Director honor to former Oscar winner Clint Eastwood. Scorsese put together a film of Hollywood epic proportions in “The Aviator,” but both he and the film lost out on Best Director and Best Picture honors to Eastwood and his emotionally charged boxing drama: “Million Dollar Baby.