Day: March 17, 2005

Tigers set sights on state title

The basketball team is on its way to the state tournament after beating Citrus in the regional championship March 5. With the final score of 66-50, this will be the first time since 2001 that the Tigers have advanced to the state tournament. The Tigers started off leading the Citrus Owls 18-9 after 9 minutes of play.

Bookstore pumping up profits

Students in Kathryn Brooks’ Biology class can breathe a sigh of relief, because their instructor will not be using the $141 textbook. Brooks decided not to use the book after learning it was marked up 47 percent over the $96 publishing cost. The average campus bookstore markup is 33 percent.


The Riverside Community College Karate team competed in the 35th International Karate-Do Tournament on Feb. 27 at Costa Mesa High School. Over 600 competitors representing more than 20 countries and 25 states including France, England, Japan, Canada, United States, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Mexico and Greece competed in the event.