Adopt a soldier for the holidays

* Viewpoints Online exclusive * While most Americans will spend Christmas Eve nestled warm in their beds, 250,000 soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen will spend it alone in 130 countries throughout the world. Let’s face it, there’s a war going on out there and our country’s soldiers are putting their lives on the line in order for Americans to “sleep in heavenly peace.” Wouldn’t it be appropriate to show some respect and acknowledgement towards those courageous soldiers at a time when they need it the most?

Permits once again expired

Despite a promise made by former RCC Facilities Maintenance Manager Harold Lindner last year, elevator permits on campus are outdated. Section 7301 of the California Labor Code requires that an elevator can not be operated unless the permit remains in effect and is kept posted conspicuously in the elevator car.

Help with financial aid

* Viewpoints Online exclusive * Rent, insurance, gas, food, and on top of all that and more, rising college fees. It might seem enough to make any student go insane, not to mention broke. But it doesn’t have to be. Lack of finances should never get in the way of your education. So don’t let that be your excuse. And don’t wait. Fill out your applications now and you will be one step closer to your future.

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