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By Editorial

By Editorial

Here at Viewpoints we are often criticized for portraying RCC negatively. This is perhaps an honest observation. We work hard at holding RCC to a higher standard because we expect great things from a college that has so much to offer its students. It is our responsibility to challenge the college administration to better the institution it serves. But it is easy in all the hoopla to forget what attracted us to RCC; to forget that the reason we work so hard is because there are things at the college worth working for. So in the spirit of this sentiment here are several positive attributes of RCC.

RCC attracts some of the best instructors in the area. Situated in a hotbed of intellectual activity, college professors come from the numerous surrounding universities to teach at RCC. Professors such as Cindy Okamura of the English Department, who are prepared and passionate not only about their subject matter, but also about education, fill RCC’s classrooms.

At RCC, students interested in extracurricular activities can choose from more than 50 clubs ranging from Alpha Gamma Sigma to the Black Student Cooperative to the Queer Alliance. The range of clubs found on campus is a testament to the diversity of the college. Students attend classes with people of all races who come from widely different ethnicities and belief systems. Contact with nonmainstream cultures gives students at RCC a chance to increase their sensitivity and acceptance of other lifestyles. Students can obtain information on the various clubs at RCC by contacting the Student Activities office at (951) 222-8570.

RCC has a certification program for those interested in becoming an Emergency Medical Technician or EMT. Participants of this program receive more than classroom instruction; they acquire hands-on experience through ride-alongs in ambulances and shifts at local hospitals. For information regarding the Emergency Medical Services program call (951) 222-4601.

In comparison to the numerous four-year universities in the area, RCC’s campus is small and thus, more personal. Students feel like they’re part of the school sitting in the heavily shaded Quad surrounded by the sounds of club activities: singing competitions, speeches and music from different cultures.

We are going to go on challenging administrators at RCC to attain the high standards we set for the college because there are so many good things at stake. But we also wish to congratulate the college for the countless opportunities it makes available to students looking for a brighter future.

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