Tigers’ two-sided season

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By Stevie McCarter & Justin Alsman

By Stevie McCarter & Justin Alsman

As the season slowly drifts off into oblivion, the Tigers’ football team struggles to keep its hopes alive even when there is no hope to have. Off to a bad start, even by its standards, the team remains dedicated to keeping its focus on the season without knowing quite how to do that.

Practice drills, watching film, running sprints, lifting weights and studying plays. Monday through Friday for a mandatory two hours minimum daily, is the consistent schedule for the football players here at RCC. The saying goes that practice makes perfect. The record book, however, says something completely different, with the Tigers chalking up three wins to go with their five losses.

Nobody seems to know exactly what the problem is, let alone have an answer for it. Some games the running game looks dominant, others the team resorts to passing the whole game, all but giving up on the ground game. Then there is the defense, which must take a different bus because it doesn’t show up to every game.

Team captain Keith Bizzle thinks it is a team effort and the team is not consistent.

“It is about self pride for some individuals, not teamwork. Everyone tries to make the huge play rather than just doing their job,” he said.

Describing himself as a “conservative guy,” he is willing to do what is asked of him.

Bizzle hopes the team can “come together,” especially at the Fullerton game where the tension will definitely be roaring after last year’s stunt by Fullerton. Another captain, Darren Sims explains that last year Fullerton claimed its win by describing it as a “sweep.” So this last game versus Fullerton, a broom was brought on the field to remind the Tigers of the “sweeping” loss.

Wanting and definitely needing to win the next few games, the four captains think their team needs to focus and keep their heads up.

“It is obviously not all about practice and conditioning to win football games. It takes heart, dedication, a lot of effort and togetherness.” Sims said.

So it looks like the Tigers need to take some time and look at the facts and find their heart, otherwise the record book will start looking even worse.

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