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By Michael Sanchez


By Michael Sanchez

The United Wrestling Council is a wrestling school located in the heart of Riverside, and is now recruiting wrestlers and transforming them into phenomenal wrestlers. The wrestling school has 14 wrestlers with overwhelming talent on their roster.

Bill Anderson is a professional wrestler who once worked for Vince McMahon of the World Wrestling Entertainment. He has wrestled in several countries, ranging from Mexico to Japan. He has wrestledThe Rock’s father, the legendary, Rocky Johnson, beat him in a ladder match. Anderson is now an associate of the United Wrestling Council.

The United Wrestling Council, which has been around for three years, comes with its own public announcer and theme music for every wrestler. The UnitedWrestling Council has an 18 by 18 feet wrestling ring which was passed down to them after only one show from World Wrestling Entertainment. The wrestling school also performs with story lines like those in the World Wrestling Entertainment, and even has four professional belts, as well as referees, snacks and refreshments.

Under the assistance of Jeremy Vaughn and some help from Bill Anderson, Cole Dawson has structured an incredible school. Dawson, a wrestler himself, at only 20 years of age, already possesses leadership qualities. Inside the ring he is known has the “Green Meanie” for his green outfit and mean personality.

Dawson has also suffered injuries a broken thumb, two chipped teeth, and even a pinched nerved. Green Meanie’s signature move is the pile driver.

Dawson’s all time favorite match was the “Iron Match” with Bret “The Hitman” Hart versus Shawn Michaels “The Heartbreak Kid.” The United Wrestling Council has also given back to our community of Riverside by raising money through fundraisers for local churches and outreach programs. They have also performed at the Norton Air Base, Orange Blossom Festival and even in the Special Olympics this past April. In fact The United Wrestling Council will perform this Oct.16 and 17 in Downtown Riverside for the “Fiesta De La Familias.”

Dawson said that the United Wrestling Council did not use weapons because fighting with weapons is not wrestling. “Hitting people with weapons wont get you anywhere in the business.”

Dawson also disliked the performance of The Rock from World Wrestling Entertainment. “It was a shame when you have the Rock standing in the middle of the ring talking for about 30 minutes. “I respect the Rock and I understand he has charisma and he entertains the people, but when you have guys in the back of the locker room like Lance Armstrong who doesn’t even a have a chance to wrestle. Dawson continued on to say that women have equal opportunities in wrestling.”

At only 19 years of age Candice Dawson is a beautiful girl with remarkable talent who doesn’t like backing down or finding a diplomatic solution has an answer. Known in the ring as the “Canadian Goddess,”Candice LeRae” admires Canadian wrestlers like Bret “The Hitman” Hart and Chris Jericho from World Wrestling Entertainment. LeRae even has Jericho’s signature move the Walls of Jericho. The Canadian Goddess makes beating up guys look so easy, but she has had to work hard. Her brother Cole Dawson tells me how much heart his younger sister has. “I think she is one of the best wrestlers I have, if not the best.” Well, she is not afraid to break a nail, that’s for sure.

“Sadistic” Ron Kilbourn is a large man. Kilbourn stands strong in the center of the ring weighing well over300 pounds. “Sadistic” is definitely one of the heavy weights. Personally he is one of my favorites, unfortunately he is on a strict diet, and swims everyday for a couple of hours to stay in shape. Ron has also suffered two broken ribs, broken fingers, and even a head concussion. Ron’s signature move is the power bomb.

The United Wrestling Counsel is a way to watch local celebrities. If interested in training and participating in wrestling shows, to call (951) 787-1108, and ask for Cole Dawson.

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