Finding a quiet place

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By Ashley Berg


By Ashley Berg

Homework. Midterms. Finals. Studying.

Many, if not all, students get the chills when thinking about additional work and time outside of class, especially for those with jobs, a family and a social life. Unfortunately, students cannot escape these tasks-these burdens-during their college experience. So, where can inquiring minds go on campus to ponder on the things learned at RCC?

The new Digital Library offers solitary space for those easily distracted by people and background noise. With closed off cubicles and private rooms available, students can get personal and confined rooms that allow them to think and concentrate on their schoolwork. “I usually go to the library to study,” said Morgan Freeman, full-time RCC student.

This establishment is a quiet zone designed for the hardworking student; however, the library may not the best atmosphere for everyone. Ultimately, students want to be able to, be fulfilled with a sense of satisfaction when they take the time and energy to grasp the things learned from RCC and using it in their personal lives. Although the library is quiet, spacious, and has many tools to offer such as computers, tutors, and private rooms and cubicles, it can be overwhelming to the student.

However, students like Denise King and Aly Jensen need background noise.

“If I study on campus, my favorite place to study is the writing center, for whatever class-it’s the best place for me because it’s not too quiet,” King said.

“I study in the Quad by the Tiger’s Den-I do better with noise,” Jensen said.

Students can go to other places such as the cafeteria, Tiger’s Den and Reading and Writing Center to study. Although the cafeteria and Tiger’s Den can be distracting because of noise, people, and the smell of grease, it is great for studying in a group with food and drinks allowed.

Particularly, many students don’t study at RCC at all. Even though Freeman would like to study more on campus.,

“I have classes all day long, and I don’t have time,” Freeman said.

“I usually study at home because I have my radio which is the best background noise for me,” King said.

Ultimately, students should study where they are most comfortable meditating in thought.

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