Volunteers needed for planning V-Day

This year’s proceeds will help the Riverside Area Rape Crisis Center and Alternatives to Domestic Violence as well as the V-Day “Spotlight on the Women of Iraq” and events for RCC students. “I would like more students to be involved in all of this because I want to ensure this continues-we need people to volunteer with planning specially those who will be at RCC next year,” Sanchez said.

Chuckin’ Sum 41

Sum 41 isn’t just like any other modern punk band. Many punk bands like Green Day and NOFX have jumped on the political band-wagon, making statements about the American government as the war in Iraq grows more intense.

Poor attendance dampens homecoming spirits

RCC’s homecoming festivities were ready for action, but had few people show up to enjoy them. The RCC Alumni House stood ready for guests with decorations, soda, food and prizes a few hours before the homecoming football game on Oct. 15. Yes, RCC had a homecoming game.

Finding a quiet place

Homework. Midterms. Finals. Studying. Many, if not all, students get the chills when thinking about additional work and time outside of class, especially for those with jobs, a family and a social life. Unfortunately, students cannot escape these tasks-these burdens-during their college experience.

Putting the pieces together

Born here in Riverside, RCC’s new basketball coach John Smith is “very happy to be here.” Smith graduated from J.W. North high school. He participated in many sports p r o g r a m s : b a s e b a l l , football, track and basketball, of course. He then moved on to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where he played basketball and was injured.

UWC in Riverside

The United Wrestling Council is a wrestling school located in the heart of Riverside, and is now recruiting wrestlers. Presently the wrestling school has 14 wrestlers with overwhelming talent on their roster.

Quadrangle to undergo renovations

It is likely that every student at RCC is acquainted with the A.G. Paul Quadrangle, and that even a few rarely stray from it, but the Quad that now stands will soon be changed. A new renovation project is under way that will put the Quad out of service for upwards of two years.

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